Alchemy Art Process

Lowe's work and commissioned pieces are often completed on cork. The natural color cork comes in dramatically changes the intensity of the paint. The organic cork reams are shipped to the Studio in sheets from Portugal.

“I have fallen in love with cork as the paint is absorbed and becomes much more of a permanent subject on the Organic material.”

Alchemy Art is an evolving process that Heather modifies and manifests into some of the world's most energetic works. The paint is infused with crystalline materials that are sourced from mines from around the globe. Incubated from her years at GIA (Gemological Institute Of America) Santa Monica, CA - Lowe has a love and knowledge for minerals, mines, gemstones, and their historic and energetic significance. Quartz is always added as the top layer placed only in spring water, allowing the piezoelectricity to charge the water. The ionic bonds change at the plank and molecular levels. Piezoelectricity is what runs our quartz watches.

Other incredible minerals like peridot, beryl, tourmaline, and any precious and semi-precious gemstones, are added into Poppyseed oil and then into the paint. Beryl- Be3AI2(SIO3) has many well-known varieties; emerald, aquamarine, morganite, and others. Lowe is a graduate gemologist from GIA 1986.

Beeswax is one of the most used natural materials Heather uses to dissipate the energy into neutral states. This is the process where intentions are set with regards to acknowledging the artwork as a conduit of energy's higher consciousness. “I want the buyer and those in possession or presence of the artwork to sense the seen and unseen. They can approach the work in a calm, maybe almost meditative state and extract through morphic resonance the appeal the work presents." Lowe is a devoted student of Rupert Sheldrake and has had the ability to remote view since age 4. Lowe is certified in CRV( Coordinate Remote Viewing). She studied under David Hughs Ph.D. and Stanford University Elite CRV protocols under the direction of David Morehouse. It affects all of us. Remote viewing is a scientific method as it can be proven, studied, and taught to others.

“If I was to believe my Artwork was to ever influence anyone or society it would be to simply empower humans to use their own instincts and abilities that most of us have forgotten we have." In creating Alchemy Art, Lowe is asking viewers and art lovers to have a relationship with the artwork. To use their mind, not their brain to find something more profound when in the presence of the work. Not what the work looks like, but what it feels like. This work is a groundbreaking and trend-setting cultural awakening in the world of contemporary art.

- Grant Milne, Artist Talk Magazine.

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