The Energy set through intentions provides the ability for the paint to remain the SUBJECT in all my works.


Oil, Acrylic on Black Portuguese Cork



Heather L. Lowe is a permanent artist in Residence at ElementC Studio since 2012. Working from her larger studio in the Black Forest of Colorado and recently spending most of her time painting from the Urban Loft Studio in Park Place, Leawood Kansas; Lowe has grown a significant body of work and created a brilliantly interesting market for her collected cork works. Focusing on her "Living Room Series", Nautical Works, and producing large Commercial Alchemy Paintings the cork has proved a formidable opponent. Cork is an organic and dynamic backdrop to place paint that weaves itself into the fabric of each piece, devouring color like it's magic.

To learn more about Heather L. Lowe, check out her Artist Feature on Artist Talk Magazine.

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